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Thread: Mike Stollenwerk was on "Coast to Coast A.M." with George Noorey last night

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    I am now convinced that there is a super secretgovernment conspiracy to take away our rights and our only redemption is aliens and their alien technology to save us.

    J/K, I remember talking (in person)with Bohdi, Naked Shoplifter, and Tomahawk about How John and Mike have turned second amendment activism on it's ear. They can effectively use media in all it's grand forms (like coast to coast) to get the message out.

    Good job.
    "These are the shock troops ( of the gun lobby. And, they are not going away."
    Ceasefire NJ Director Brian Miller,, August 20, 2009

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    While I would never 'caution' them about anything, I have cautioned others that "the media is cannibalistic, it fattens its adopted children and then, when fancies change and times are hard, eats them." The media is not a friend.

    There once was a lady from Niger, who rode on the back of a tiger. They returned from the ride, with the lady inside, and a smile on the face of the media.

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