Re: “Wild West legislators,”

Feb. 18-20 edition:

Your view didn’t surprise me, seeing how one-sided your articles are, especially when it comes to our gun rights. First and foremost, I would like to know how you could consider repealing the onegun-a-month law going back to the Wild West. Yes, I understand that back then they didn’t have such a restriction, but most people at that time were lucky to be able to afford one gun a year. Then again, they treated the law-abiding as just that and didn’t infringe upon their rights.

Seems the anti-gun advocates always want to use the Wild West as a description. Why? Yes, there were shootouts and such, from what we were told in history class, but for the most part it was a good
guy fighting a bad guy. Yes, they had criminals back then. The only difference between then and now is now it seems we have more protections and rights for criminals than we do for the law-abiding. Also, the system has many more excuses and loopholes that often give the criminal the upper hand over the law-abiding.

I am not one for more laws and regulations that make it harder for the law-abiding, but if you really must be that way, why don’t you have background checks for automobile purchases, alcohol and pornographic material? If the alcoholic were limited to one bottle a month, maybe that too would cut down on abusive situations.

I think it is just sad how people with no knowledgeable, true facts
of firearms can be led by misconception after misconception by biased media outlets and the many followers thereof. There are more tragic and senseless deaths in this world that are not gun-related, but yet are not reported on as much or dealt with as harshly.

My own opinion as to the reasoning of this is that, while death is used for a strong point, it’s about the control.

My opinion is, instead of going after our rights and liberties, leave the law-abiding alone. Maybe if you concentrated more on the criminals and other problems at hand, you would see a path for the country better than the one we’re on now.