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Thread: Hey, I know that guy!

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    Watching the news minutes ago... (Fox 2.)

    Just aired the OC video again!

    Well done guys, great interview!

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    lol I had several people come into my work today and said "Hey, you were on the news last night!"

    Everyone was very supportive and wanted to learn more. A couple gave me their info and a couple said they would be at the seminar.


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    Good job!

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    My bud called to let me know they were talking about OC in MI. Just as I turned to Fox 2 Detroit, up pops John on the screen. John did a great job.

    Very cool, guys, very cool!
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    We've really been in the news a lot lately. I've been hearing about it a lot. Like at school this evening. Classmates were talking at different points about how they heard about us here or there in different news pieces. Only one guy knew I was involved, and he is as big a gun nut as I am, so we talk a lot about guns, but no one else knew I was involved, and they were just talking about it like any other news.

    I didn't say much about the news pieces, I was more interested to hear the opinions of others. Which by the way were universally positive.
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