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Thread: Interpretation of Ga law from Probate Court Judge

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    Last week I applied for an open carry permit in Georgia after trying to purchase a pistol at the Gun show. I was told that my application for the purchase was on hold and that I should apply for an open carry permit to get any issues cleared up. After applying, I found that a 2007 battery arrest/ family violence was not listed as dismissed on my GCIC. I have went to the state court and gotten a certified copy of my dismissal and took to probate court to meet all criteria. When I got to the probate court, the Judge asked about the 2007 charge and stated that even though it was nol proc/ dismissed, she said she still had the authority not to grant the carry permit and wanted to look into the case before making her decision. My question is... If I meet all criteria for open carry according to state law, it is the role of a probate Judge to approve or deny my application based on "looking in" at my dismissed case? I don't have anything to hide in the case and the Judge canlook if she chooses, it just seemed that somehow my right to open carry according to state law is somehow compromisedby this action. Any thoughts?


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    You may find better results if you post this question in the Georgia forum.


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