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Thread: M&P Pistol Upgrades

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    I have found a GREAT Upgrade for my M&P 9 Pistol and thought I would share with my fellow OCDO members. Apex Tactical Specialties makes a Hard Sear replacement for the M&P Factory Sear. My M&P 9 now has a 4.25 lbs trigger pull that breaks like glass!

    Here is my experience:

    I LOVE IT, what a great upgrade for my M&P 9 (500 rounds). I ordered and received it within 4 days. It took me 10 minutes and was the first time I have upgraded a pistol. After the upgrade, I put 14 of 17 rounds in the black of an NRA 50 ft Slow Fire Pistol Target at 25 feet (3 fliers were the shooter's fault). For less than $40, I feel like I have a totally different and much upgraded pistol. The guys at my local gun shop/range were completely impressed (I almost had to wrestle it back from one of them).

    Here are the links to this information:

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    I have the same model (full size). What is the sear and why did replacing it make such a difference...isn't your trigger pull now less than when manufactured?
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    There's something else you can do that costs nothing, requires no disassembly, and will make a marked difference in your trigger feel and pull.

    Last December, I bought a new M&P40 and the out-of-the-box trigger was less than smooth or nice. So being a Glock carrier and also quite familiar with Glock parts, how they work and interact and the take down of a Glock, I closely examined the M&P and how it worked. The design is Single Action Only (a hybrid of a sort) which means that all the trigger does is release the striker to fire the weapon. It does this by moving the sear away from the striker "tab".

    So what I did was this. I would dry fire the gun to release the striker, then just work the trigger hundreds of times at a sitting. I estimate I have done this over 6000 times. The result is a smooth and lighter trigger and is nearly perfect for my wants and needs in a carry firearm.

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