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Thread: OC in Panara Bread Cool

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    My wife and I attended a birthday party at Panara Bread in Onalaska WI tonight. Two of us OCed , the restaurant was very crowded,we had no problems. We talked withthe manager and they are cool with OC.It was a nice party. Carry on my friends.
    "To sin by silence, when we should protest makes cowards out of men."
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    We must contact our lawmakers today, tomorrow and the next day to remind them of Constitutional Carry.
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    Hope you can make it to Fiesta Mexicana on Sunday.

    Be sure to tell all your friends.

    Carry On

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    I carried in the one in Pewaukee a month or so ago. Either no one noticed or no one cared.
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    I also attended this dinner. There were two people that asked if OC was legal, I gave them a pamphlet, went over the points of OCing. They asked where they could get more information, I gave that the number of a CC, OC class coming up in La Crosse April 10th. They said they would check it out.

    I called the manager on Tuesday, and thanked her for having such an open mind and informed her that doing this would help the business. She invited us to come back again, and looked forward to us doing so.

    Carry On.


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