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Thread: Name Places You Can Open Carry And Places You Can Conceal Carry?

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    List places in North Carolina you can open carry, and places you can conceal carry. Be sure you put which is which.

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    bgreene89 wrote:
    List places in North Carolina you can open carry, and places you can conceal carry. Be sure you put which is which.
    It is not so much where you can openly carry, it is where you can't openly carry. Important thing is to look out for places that sale AND serve alcohol, places that you pay to enter (movies, concerts, etc), and ANY place that has obvious signs posted that prohibit firearms.

    Source - Rugerp345's NC Flyer:

    Places Where Weapons Are Prohibited
    North Carolina law prohibits any person carrying a
    gun, rifle, or pistol into:
    1) Any assembly where a fee has been charged
    for admission. (14-269.3)
    2) Any establishment where alcoholic
    beverages are both sold and consumed.
    3) Schools (Home schools exempted). (14-269.2)
    4) Parades, funerals, picket lines, or
    demonstrations. (14-277.2)
    5) Areas of emergency and riot. (14-288.7)
    6) Any area prohibited by 18 USC § 922 or any
    other federal law.
    7) Any law enforcement agency or
    correctional facility. (14-415.11(c))
    8) A building housing only state or federal
    offices. (14-415.11(c))
    9) A financial institution (Bank). (14-415.11(c))
    Note: North Carolina law does not prohibit openly
    carried weapons in financial institutions.
    10) Any premises, except state owned rest
    areas or stops along the highways, where
    notice that carrying a concealed handgun is
    prohibited by the posting of a conspicuous
    notice. (14-415.11(c))
    A concealed handgun permit does not allow an
    individual to carry a weapon in the above areas.
    (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-415.11(c))
    Carrying a weapon openly or concealed in
    restaurants that serve alcohol and in bars is
    prohibited. (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-415.11(c))
    I highly suggest reading and printing these flyers that have LOTS of info for you:

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    You really can't go wrong by not OC'ing anywhere you can't CC. Not saying it's the law, because there are a couple of exceptions. Just saying you won't find yourself in the wrong that way. Basically there are places you cannot OC or CC. Then there are a couple places you can't CC, but no law on OC. The majority of the laws are on the NC General Statutes page under the 14- Criminal law area.

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