One in pro-2A (and pro-Med MJ) WA involves a home invasion on a legal medical marijuana grow, intruder with shotgun:

""...Sarich said that when he heard the dogs barking Monday morning, he grabbed a .22-caliber pistol from near his bed and went out to search the house.

"When I walked out in the living room a guy raised a shotgun like he was going to shoot me, and I shot him instead," he said.""

at - the 59 year old shot 2 of the robbers, one of which had life threatening wounds and took a few shotgun pellets in the face -

A woeful tale follows from anti-2A Chicago, still suffering under the yoke of pre-McDonald times, it was the worst of times:

""Police say three family members have been found shot dead in their home just west of Chicago.

Darien Deputy Police Chief John Cooper identified the victims as Lori and Jeffrey Kramer and their 20-year-old son, Michael Kramer.

Cooper says the Kramers' daughter called 911 around 3 a.m. Tuesday while hiding in a closet.""