I came across this interesting article while browsing through my university's online article database. I found an open source version so don't worry about copyright!

"It appears that not a single one of the homicides studied by McDowall, Loftin, and Wiersema was committed by someone who had obtained concealed carry permits under liberalized laws but would have been denied such permits under prior law. In other words, the authors concede that the increase in the population entitled to carry concealed did not contribute directly to any of the excess firearms mortality found by the study."

"There must certainly be, in a sample so large over a period so long, many hundreds of cases (and indeed, many tens of thousands) where people legally carrying guns got drunk, lost their tempers, were in traffic accidents, had domestic quarrels, and in short, experienced all of the psychological sturm und drang which modern life is capable of dishing out--yet so far as a diligent Nexus search discloses, there seems to be not a single case, anywhere in the country, of someone who was legally carrying a concealed handgun using that weapon in a criminal homicide."



- Mafera