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Thread: Safariland 6280 for OC - Two tumbs up

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    Not to long ago I switched to the Safariland 6280 for OC, & the occasional casual CC.

    Having had and used various Safariland holsters in the past I had been eying the 6280 for quite a while and finally saved a few $ and got one for my Glock 23.

    I replaced the (duty style) UBL belt loop with the 6281 "High-ride adapter" in 1.5" to match my belts.

    *** I will add a pic of this holster in use, with the high ride adapter since the above pic is the stock photo with the regular (duty) belt loop.

    I also installed the optional Sentry device.
    Safariland considers this a Level III to Level IV holster in this config, provided you have the retention screw also adjusted properly.

    The rotating hood is also a decoy strap/snap to further protect against a disarm attempt. An unfamiliar person would assume the top strap was an outside snap/strap, since that is what it looks like. But the retention is hidden.

    The holster requires the following to draw the weapon:
    1) Release hidden Sentry lever with thumb
    2) Release the hood/strap by pushing down and fwd with thumb on hidden pad.
    3) Draw weapon absolutely straight up.

    I'm very happy with this holster. Not only is it more secure than the serpa, but it looks much more professional and is LEATHER. Well, it is polymer-leather laminate, but you get the idea, the leather is on the outside. And it's lined for all you guys with "pretty" guns.
    Seriously, this safariland makes the serpa look, and feel, like a toy. But of course it costs 2-3 times as much. If you are looking for a sub $100 holster this ain't it In that circumstance a serpa would be a good temporary solution while saving for this. Pennsylvania dealer can order you any model you need. Optics planet also had good prices but did not have my model in stock.

    Other thoughts:
    Concealing this would be pretty difficult. I've concealed with other OWB holsters, including the serpa, lots of times. Not hard with a simple cover garment. But the 6280 is thicker material/built beefier than the thin serpa and is not as tight/snug to the body. It's pretty much an OC or very casual CC holster. Which for me, fits the bill nicely

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    So long as you can draw it with confidence! That's well designed retention it sounds, I'll have to look more into safariland holsters next time around.

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    I've got a less expensive FineTac 6280. Works just as well, but costs less, and won't crack from heavy use and the passage of time like a well used leather model. If money is more of an issue than appearance, or if you prefer the plastic look, the FineTac is the model to go with.

    I am very happy with the holster. I've been using mine for something like 6 months, maybe more. The only thing I suggest to anyone with this kind of holster is practice with it a LOT before you carry it. The draw technique is harder to master than a Serpa, and it's also a bit slower, particularly with the double locking system installed.

    Here is mine.

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    I have been using the paddle version of this holster for a couple of years- It is my #1 preferred holster- I like this better than my serpa and I'm just as fast. I don't have the sentry device installed, but that's not a bad idea, I think I'll look into it but without it, it's plenty secure. It seems to be the #1 choice of LEOs around here too.

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