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Thread: and people wonder why people carry?

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    A shooting two blocks north of Lansing's Potter Park Zoo and an ensuing car crash near Eastern High School resulted in at least two people being taken to local hospitals and the school being placed on alert Wednesday afternoon.

    The shooting occurred around 12:25 p.m. near the intersection of Walsh and Lathrop streets in a neighborhood north of the zoo.

    Witnesses, who asked not to be named, said they saw a person inside an older gray or gray and black Oldsmobile car with a paper license plate fire shots at a man inside a newer black Chevrolet with Indiana license plates.

    Witnesses said approximately three shots were fired into the Chevrolet, and both vehicles sped off.

    The victim turned onto northbound Pennsylvania Avenue, drove past Sparrow Hospital and then crashed into a Chevrolet SUV parked outside of Eastern High School, leaving car parts strewn along the street. A round hole in the shooting victim's car was visible.

    The school is located a block north of the hospital.

    An unknown number of passengers inside the SUV were taken to the hospital, along with the shooting victim, Lansing police Lt. Judy Horning said.

    Police confirmed the shooting victim was a man. Lansing police did not respond late Wednesday to requests for information on any potential suspects, the number of victims involved or their conditions.

    Portions of Pennsylvania Avenue were closed as police investigated the incident.

    Eastern High School students remained in their classrooms for part of the afternoon as police investigated the accident.

    Spokesman Steve Serkaian said the school was placed on a code yellow, which was lifted at 2:30 p.m. when students were released on the school's normal schedule.

    Eastern's code yellow status meant students needed to remain in their classrooms with no hall activity until further notice, officials said. Serkaian said the move was a precaution until the area around the building could be determined to be secure.

    Joe Manzella was at a stoplight at Pennsylvania and Interstate 496 when he saw the shooting victim's car speed by him through a red light.

    The Chevrolet wasn't being chased by another car, he said.

    "I thought he might be heading toward the hospital," he said. "He just blew right by me."

    Staff writer Christine Rook contributed to this report.

    its amazing what happens in the world these days,i wasnt very far away when this happened...
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    f***ed up.

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    It can happen any where at any time. This is what I tell my wife when she asks why I always have my gun when I leave home. It's a bad bad bad world we live in.
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