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Thread: Interesting OC experience

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    I was waiting yesterday for a package(some cleaning patches/brushes for my AR15 and pistol) from Fedex. I was wearing my XD-40 as usual and the Fedex Guy arrived. I'm not sure if he was new or had just never encountered an armed citizen but I'm kind of glad he showed up.

    I went out to the meet the guy at the end of my driveway as usual and he began getting off the truck.

    I said "Hi, how's it going today?"

    Him: "Things are go"(notices holstered pistol)

    The poor guy literally stopped mid sentence. He turned about 3 shades of white, I don't know if he thought I was going to rob him or what. My pistol was holstered, my hands were in front of me we were beginning a pleasant conversation and then bam...fear.

    I assured him that he had nothing to be afraid of, I'm just a law abiding citizen exercising his rights and that he shouldn't be afraid; I'm one of the good guys.

    He quietly handed me the package, I signed his tablet and wished him a good day.

    I guess it just goes to reinforce why we need to keep doing what we're doing.

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    My UPS guy asked where my gun was the other day. He sees me more with that without.

    Your guy will get used to it.

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