This morning while responding to calls for service, the popular news radio station WTOP announced a "listener survey" of some kind. It was introduced by some dude with a rather schoolmarmish tut-tutting voice. The subject: The "Restaurant Carry" bill, which WTOP claims some State Police Chiefs' association condemns.

Of course it was referred to as legislation "to allow people to carry concealed guns into bars". The guy who did the introductory spiel said that it was odd that people would be allowed to carry concealed "in bars" as long as they did not drink, and gave a whole line of BS about how if he wated to drink Coca Cola he would just stay home. And followed up with all the usual twaddle we have all just about memorized, ending with: "Oh, yes. Wasn't it the great American lawman Wyatt Earp who banned guns from Tombstone"?

My blood was boiling. We don't have "bars" in the Commonwelth; we have "restaurants that serve alcohol". The law was of course intended to make it possible for Joe Citizen to take his family to Red Lobster and be ready to protect them if ned be on the way to the family car. And obviously this idiot had not done his homework or he would know this, as well as the fact that you can walk right in to any establishment that will allow it carrying a firearm openly and it is totally legal for them to serve you a drink; and (so long as you do not become intoxicated) for you to drink it. Then, 30 minutes later they played back some of the more inept commentors. but only after having edited the call in order to make the carry advocate sound like an utter fool.

Well, like I said there are no "bars" in Virginia, that is to say there is no legal distinction between establishments that serve cheap, awful food to justify their ABC permit and those which reccommend which Chardonnay goes best with the flounder.

And that Wyatt Earp Tombstone gun ban? Yeah, the Clantons repected that, and it's lucky because we might be hearing these days about a legendary gunfight at -- oh, wait...