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    I do not have the OR equivalent of a WA CPL (CHL?). I will be staying in the Bend area for a few days soon.

    If I bring a handgun or two and a rifle or two and plan on shooting them, can you give me any tips on locations where I could do that, legalities to watch for, etc.? Obviously I won't be CCing the handguns.

    I was thinking of shooting outdoors someplace, natl forest maybe?

    Staying at the Eagle Crest development.

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    Been a while since I lived in the area, so rules might of changed. We used to shoot out to the SouthEast of Bend, near Horse butte. Just be careful, as the area is used by other outdoor people (motorcyclists, horse riders, hikers, etc). There might be some other places outside of Redmond there. Look just south of Tethrow Crossing, but be careful of housing. There is an old dry lake out there that I used to shoot at, but I heard the residents got nervous. There is also a trap club in Bend if you wanna shoot skeet. Hope that helps. Feel free to send PM with questions.

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