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Thread: My First Time Open Carrying - Downtown Colorado Springs and Starbucks

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    Here's the story of my first open-carry again, which was previously hijacked by a troll and went so off-topic, the whole thread was deleted.

    btw, Mods, if something like that ever happens again, it'd be nice if you just remove the bad posts instead of the whole thread. Thanks, though.



    My First Time Open Carrying - Downtown Colorado Springs and Starbucks
    7 Mar 2010

    Today, finally equipped with a holster, magazine pouch, and weather nice enough to skip wearing a jacket, I headed out into civilization to Open Carry my firearm for the first time.

    Inspired by the fight going on between Starbucks and the Brady Campaign Pukes in Washington, I thought I'd visit the Starbucks in downtown Colorado Springs to support their policy to support state carry laws and give them my business.

    Of course, I didn't just go straight to Starbucks. I parked several blocks away in front of the YMCA / 'First Prez' parking garage on Bijou and Weber. My first concern, walking across downtown to the Starbucks on Tejon, was my uncertainty as to the legalities of carrying in (or on the sidewalk of) Acacia Park. Carrying like I was forced me to consider my route more carefully to avoid certain places where OC'ing was sketchy or illegal. (More on that later.)

    Needless to say, I was in 'Condition Yellow' for the entire hour or so I was out.

    The first reaction I noticed was a trio of twenty-somethings sitting on the corner of Bijou and Tejon across from Starbucks. The guy was yapping to his female compatriots about something or other, and when I passed, he shut up immediately. Since I didn't know what he was talking about, I didn't know if he was shocked to silence by the presence of a pistol, or if he just paused to take a breather, but the next reaction I experienced was definite.

    Starbucks was busy. Sunday afternoon. As I waited in line, a young woman and her little girl got in line behind me. The little girl half-whined, "Mom." When she had her mom's attention, she whispered something (I couldn't hear, although I was acutely aware) along the lines of "he's got a gun."

    The mother responded, "Yes he does."

    I encountered no other directed behavior at Starbucks. Bought my Venti dark coffee. For a moment, I wanted to find a place to sit inside, but there weren't really any seats available, so I decided to walk around downtown for a while instead.

    Left Starbucks. Walked south on Tejon. Turned West on Kiowa. North on Cascade. East back on Bijou. Past Starbucks again, but turned North on Tejon. No looks or oddness that I could tell, but I was always nervous about a police car just 'driving by', seeing me, and deciding to determine whether or not I could legally carry.

    I briefly considered going into Poor Richard's Bookstore, but decided that the place was so liberal (as far as I remember) that I didn't want to start any trouble. Went into Compleat Games and Hobbies instead.

    Inside the gamer store, I was greeted immediately, browsed the 'models' section, then was engaged by who I assume was the manager when I crossed the store to the roleplaying section.

    "Are you on duty or something?" he said.

    "Oh, no," I replied. "Just killing some time drinking my coffee." I raised my drink.

    "Is that supposed to be a joke?" he said. Funny, but he was actually pretty serious.

    I laughed. "No. No pun intended."

    "I ask just because of the firearm, I mean," he said.

    I grunted an 'acknowledgment' noise, and turned my attention back to the roleplaying section. The manager left me alone after that. I browsed for perhaps two minutes more, then left.

    Remember me mentioning being more careful about my route earlier? Well, here it was again, because for a time, I was planning on walking back to the car via Platte, then turning back toward Bijou on Nevada. Until I realized that would put me catacorner to the Highschool. (No Open Carrying within 1000' feet of a school.)

    Walked back along Tejon. East on Bijou (still across from the park).

    Went into Independent Records to see if they had any Conservative or Pro-Freedom bumper stickers. No reaction, which was a surprise surrounded by Indie-rockers and pro-Obama stuff. Finished the coffee, then back to the car.

    All in all, I was out and about for something like an hour. Visited Starbucks, Compleat Games and Hobbies, and Independent Records. I was worried about a random encounter with police most of the time, but my nervousness definitely subsided by the time I was en route back to the car. One day I'll encounter a cop, which may be no big deal, or might be pretty scary, but not today. Until I get over that particular landmark, OC'ing will be a little nervous.

    Carry on.

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    Sounds like a good experience. From what I read here, I would expect OC in Colorado Springs to be uneventful as yours was.

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    eddyjoy wrote:
    WTF? Is this like those Bing commercials? Paris, Paris Hilton, Hilton Hotel, Hotel California, the Eagles, Bald eagles, endangered species, alien species, Independence Day...

    Hey, I should be a Bing commercial writer... that wasn't half bad.

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