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    This will probably be viewed as wildly OT but I want to vent.

    I presume that most of you, like me, are regular readers of Keep and Bear Arms so you'll know what I mean.

    Have you ever noticed how often the bits of text accompanying the headlines have little or nothing to do with that headline or in fact with the thrust of the story? For examples I refer you to the site.

    There is much more to editing than simply choosing a paragraph on the basis of a hard verb or a pithy phrase. It would be much easier and much more informative to simply write one or two sentences conveying the meat of the item.

    The site is a very good idea but it is so frustrating I'm about ready to give it up. And yes, I have tried to contact them.

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    As a frequent contributor to both sites, I agree, but note that there is no such instruction there to ignore, as there is here.

    1) Caption your thread like a newspaper headline - make it descriptive so that others will know what it is a about - and use standard headline format, capitalizing only the first letter of the first word in the caption and proper nouns. Example: Federal lawsuit filed against Cleveland Heights police for harassing open carrier

    It is extremely important that posters follow this format as google and other outfits crawl through our postings and determine whether these threads get visibility on the Internet.

    I am less so a frequent contributor there for the low quality selections of the weekend editor especially. If I wanted to read some gun-nut's blog then I'd find it myself from the bazillions. I resent predigested pap presented as cutting edge thought.

    Blog flogging is spam redux.

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