A recent gun show the wife and I both purchased new pistols. I got a glock 26 so no problems finding holsters and such but looking for something for her. She picked out the PK380 and actually got one of the signature editions (no matter what she wants to get it always seems to be the special edition one). The problem we have is finding a good open carry holster for it for her. They just don't feel right with it and seem loose. She is using a MOB concealed one of mine that accepts most smaller arms but she is looking for something with a little easier access for it.

So what we are looking for is any ideas for an open carry holster when we go to VCDL meetings, out and about without the purse etc. and also a good recommendation for concealed be it a purse or anything else. Right know if she uses her purse she just places it barrel down in one of the pockets but with all of the crap in her purse it could be a deadly weapon.