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Thread: Yet another walmart encounter.

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    Well today at the North main Wal-Mart in High Point. I had an Interesting encounter. It started kinda bad, But ended really good.

    It was oddly packed for a monday night, I was off the the side a little bit looking at toothpaste a girl tried to squeeze between me and the shelf She scraped her arm on my XDm 40 rear sight. She grabed her arm and saw that it was bleeding a little bit she looked over at what she scraped her arm on, She said " Wow, when i think of a firearm injury this is not what i think of." I giggled a little bit and asked if she was okay.

    But any who she asked the normal are you a cop, is it loaded. She was truly interested in open carry, I told her about the web site and some others.

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    Cool story, interesting indeed.
    Not necessarily a bad way for someone to meet a woman, if you're single that is.

    Now disinfect your weapon if you haven't already!

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    My 1911 has target sights on it, and the rear sights stick out a good bit. A friend of mine bumped her elbow into it once and left a pretty good mark on her arm. Those edges are sharper than they look.

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