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Thread: Tar and Feathering at Pete Viscloskies office Wednesday 4pm

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    Join myself and Patriots from all over NW Indiana at Pete Viscloskys office this Wednesday as we Tar and Feather a life size cut out of Pete Visclosky and let our voices be heard and SEEN!

    We've had it! Mitch Daniels and Greg Zoller will be watching and we need to show them that we are angry and we don't want washingtons socialism!

    This isn't just about letting Pete know we are pissed. It is showing we aren't going away and we will be a thorn in the side of anyone who doesn't oppose this insanity!

    Northwest Indiana Office
    7895 Broadway, Suite A
    Merrillville, IN 46410
    phone: (219) 795-1844
    (888) 423-PETE (toll-free)
    fax: (219) 795-1850

    Bring your Flags and signs... feel free to bring your own syrup (aka tar) and feathers (down pillows are cheap at walmart/target).

    We need YOU! You can influence Indianapolis! Join us!

    Please invite everyone you know and cross post this!

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    wish i could have stayed longer, nice meeting you joe!

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