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Thread: Why does 3 millimeters of cloth make people go berzerk?

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    I estimate that the average good shirt or pair of jeans is roughly 3 millimeters thick. Lets assume this measurement is also true for a sheet.

    Now, lets imagine we are walking down a path and we see a dangerous landmine on the side of the road. Now we know that if we step on the dangerous landmine it's capable of doing great harm. So lets take our afore mentioned sheet and carefully place it over the landmine. Did it now just become less deadly because we cannot see it? Now that it's covered and we can't see it, did it magically become less lethal if armed? We may have made ourselves feel alittle better because now we see a sheet instead of a landmine. 3 millimeters of cloth have created an illusion, denying the viewer of the truth, regardless if you step on the sheet or the landmine, the result is the same.

    I guess what I'm trying to point out in my crude example is this. What is the difference in the "potential threat" of my firearm when I carry it open and when it is only covered by my 3 millimeter thick shirt???

    Absolutely nothing.

    It's the exact same gun! My 3 millimeter shirt does nothing to change my rate of fire, muzzle velocity, magazine capacity, or "lethality". My 230 grain Golden Saber still mushrooms whether I draw it from underneath my shirt, from my waistband or straight from my holster.

    Maybe I should open carry most of the gun and just cover the barrel with my shirt so no one sees where those nasty bullets come from. So when I hear those words, "I'd just stick to conceal carry if I were you" and "If I saw that weapon on your hip, I'd draw down on you and put your face in the asphalt!" I can't help but think, wow, my magical 3 millimeter shirt makes everyone feel so much better...

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    Referring back to State v. Reid, this whole mess of having to have a license to carry a weapon concealedbegan because it was considered evil to carry a weapon concealed. Now it is considered evil to carry a weapon openly.

    "to suppress the evil practice of carrying weapons

    secretly," [Acts of 1838--9.] it is enacted, "that if any person shall carry concealed about his person, any

    species of fire arms, or any Bowie knife, Arkansaw tooth pick, or any other knife of the like kind, dirk, or

    any other deadly weapon, the person so offending, shall on conviction thereof, before any court [**5] having

    competent jurisdiction, pay a fine not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars, to be assessed by the

    jury trying the case; and be imprisoned for a term not exceeding three months, at the discretion of the judge

    of said court."
    Ironically, it was a sheriff who was on trial for carrying a pistolconcealed. Now sheriffs are persecuting people for carrying openly.

    The attorney general argued in State v.Reid that the restriction was constitutional because:

    ...Every man was still left free to carry arms openly, the only manner in which they could be used for defensive purposes.

    That's why our grandfather's excepted the right to bear arms out of the general powers of government. See how screwed up it gets when the government tries toover rule our constitution?

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    not to mention most people are out of sight out of mind

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    Dianosis wrote:
    ....I guess what I'm trying to point out in my crude example is this. What is the difference in the "potential threat" of my firearm when I carry it open and when it is only covered by my 3 millimeter thick shirt???

    Absolutely nothing....
    Well spoken. I could make comments here as to the nature of the "threat" posed by OC, but shall refrain from doing so.

    Also, it seems to me, after reading numerous encounters between OC-ers and AL LEOs, that many LEOs think that those with AL CCWs just keep their handgun in the glove box. I wonder if they know how many people actually have it strapped on around town.

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