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Thread: Laughlin NV trip

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    I went to laughlin for a day and a half, and had a river front room right on the riverwalk at the pioneer hotel and casino.

    I stay in Los Angeles but grew up in the bullhead/laughlin area.

    I had a serpa holster with a 4" springfield armory xd .40
    With an extra mag.

    I walked around the area, back and fourth from my car in the parking lot to my room, to in & out, and drove around the town for gas/food and other things.

    I seen security and other hotel employes and everyone I made eye contact with just smiled and said hi, no one really seem to noticed, or if they did no one minded the weapon on my hip.

    The only person who did say something was an older mexican lady at the smiths store right across the river in fort mohave, she asked why I had the gun, and I simply explained for self protection.
    She laughed and said its kind of scary but I laughed as well and told her its not scary it wasn't going to hurt anybody and hopefully no body trys to hurt me...

    All in all it was a great trip...
    I love laughlin and arizona...

    I wish california would get with the program

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    I was born and raised in East L.A. and then spent most of my adult life in Orange County. My family always had guns but they remained at home hidden from everyone. It is amazing what a difference it is once you leave the PRK and get a little taste of Liberty. It makes you thirsts for more. In my case my hunger for knowledge grew from all the lies and disinformation that was preached about guns and Rights in the media and the classrooms. Nevada is not like the times of our countries founding when many of people took an active part to inform themselves but it is a million miles ahead of California.

    Keep up the fight in Kalifornia with the UOC and good ol' 626 and 626.9 and 12031 (e). I wish you the best of luck sir.

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    Try to OC ...during the River run...

    Laughlin River Run Laughlin, Nevada
    April 21 - April 25, 2010 :?

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    Sounds like a great idea! Godspeed, can you put this on the OC Calendar?

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