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Thread: Ammo finds in Central Virginia

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    Ammo supplies seem to be very gradually improving. There is a NOVA thread, so I thought we could use one for the Central Virginia area as well. Generally, Fredericksburg - Richmond - Tappahannock - Culpeper.

    The Walmart at the Southpoint shopping center (Massapponax area, now named Spotsylvania on the I-95 exit sign, Exit 126) is currently being remodeled to reflect the new standard Walmart floor plan.

    One thing I have noticed when Walmarts do this major remodel (another store in the area did this last year) is that when they move the sporting goods section around, some of the daily ammo checkers don't take the time to hunt down where they are hiding it each time they move it.

    Last weekend I was in the Southpoint Walmart, and noticed several boxes of various calibers of WWB ammo, and much to my surprise, at least 3 boxes of the 250 count Remington UMC brand of .40 S&W, and more than half a dozen of those in 9mm!

    By last night, they were down to 1 box of the .40 S&W, and after 3 days of it being there, I could no longer resist the urge to buy, so I got the last one. There were still about 4 boxes of the 9mm.

    My father recently found a 100 count box of WWB in .380 at the Walmart in Tappahannock, I still have yet to see a box of that on a shelf since the election.


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    The walmart in mechanicsville has a bunch of boxes in 9mm luger and a couple of .40 s&w, Also some winchester.45acp. at least they did yesterday afternoon

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    The between the Rockingham Co-Op and Wally World, I haven't had a problem finding ammo.
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