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Thread: Positive Press AND true tale of self defense

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    An attorney, self defense, justifiable use, AND positive ink!

    what more could you want???

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    It's unbelieveable how deep in denial the gun control bunch are. No evidence that more guns in the hands of LAC has reduced ciolant crime? All you have to do is look at the FBI statistics by state and compare eh percapita violant crime in the states that have "shall issue" against the ones that are "may issue" or no issue.

    I find it rather misleading when they never mention OC, too. Especially when you consider that 26 states don't require a permit for OC, some of which are "may issue" of CC permit states.

    I'm also dissapointed that the focus is only on gun death crime and ignores the broader overall violant crime rates that have been reduced by LAC carrying defensive handguns. Of course, I'm not surprised that eh anti-gun groups only focus on gun violence. With them, it's always about the guns, to hell with all teh rest of the weapons used in violant crime. In my opinion, it proves they don't care about public safety near as much as what they claim.

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