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Thread: NAGR?

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    Does anyone know who this National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR)is? I'm wondering if they are legitimate. I signed up to recieve email notices from them. It seems that when they send out alerts, the news is weeks, sonetimes months old.

    Just got an alert tonight concerning the Department of Education ordering riot shotguns. We knew about this how many weeks ago?

    I've read a notice to beware of fake activist groups that claim to lobby for this interest group or that, request donations, and then horde the contributions for their own use, never really lobbying for anyone.

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    I don't know what you think might legitimatize or de-legitimatize NAGR. NAGR would like to be the organization at the center of the grassroots gun rights web.

    It, Dudley Brown and his RMGO have been around for quite a while. The RMGO website hosts one of the most profound political documents that I know, The Real Nature of Politics and Politicians or America’s System Works, But Not the Way You Think! by Michael I Rothfeld.

    The root of my disagreement with NAGR is their support for traditional gun rights lobbying. On one hand grassroots presents itself as the non-NRA, while, on the other hand, they - some - try to use the same business methods as the NRA. Those might as well BE the NRA. Why expect different effects from the same old same-ol' causes? You don't have to be an Einstein to know the answer to that one, he told us, it's insanity.

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