As I posted a few weeks ago, the suggested Walk In The Park (WITP) event is well into the planning stage. To reiterate; On Independence Day 2010, in Jackson Wyoming, individuals and groups will gather to open carry and distribute suitable information to those they encounter. This is not just a walk around but a structured day of events. Please read this outline.

From; Robert (Bob) Culver – March, 2010

This outline of the WITP “Event” is being forwarded to those who have discussed it previously or may have interest in it. I volunteer to act as the clearing house for all contacts. I will assemble an e-mail list of all those who express an interest in the event and will forward all substantial issues back to any others as they become known.

Independence day 2010 presents itself as a good opportunity to conduct public pro-gun activities in Jackson, Wyoming. Wyoming, in general, does not need too much pro-gun activity. At least not YET, but Jackson is another matter. The modification of the national park and wildlife preserve rules concerning carrying of firearms encourages the action at this time.

The primary pro-gun action at the Event, conducted in three stages listed below, will be the open carry of firearms, mostly side arms but possibly slung long guns in public and in an orderly, safe, INFORMATIVE and respectful way. Each participant will be given a supply of uniform and pre-approved literature flyers explaining and highlighting the days actions, the lawful exercise of this freedom and additional sources of information for on-the-spot discussion of the issues with the curious public. This is an EDUCATION event.

It will be conducted in three stages as follows;

• DAWN PATROL - conducted in the early morning at the outdoor pancake breakfast
• ORDER OF MARCH - conducted as a Jackson Hole Gun Club march / float in the Independence Day parade (JHGC coordination pending)
• WALK IN THE PARK - conducted as several walks in Teton and/or Yellowstone

The participants will be drawn from many groups in the Jackson area such as, but not limited to;

• The Jackson Hole Gun Club
• Cowboy Action shooting clubs
• The shoot-out gang
• Allied and interested groups such as conservative political action groups
• General interest groups of Citizens and peace officers

After the events are finished, I suggest the participants gather at a convenient house on Snow King for some fellowship and then to hike across the mountain and watch the Independence Day fireworks.

Please contact me with your expression of interest, any suggestions, questions, comments and to update the WITP participants list and your activities as they progress. Please use Subject “WITP” in the e-mail subject line with an appended further subject descriptor such as; “- Literature suggestions”, if needed.


Bob Culver, contact coordinator WITP, 2010 –
301-776-4488 Wk. Day – 8309 Cherry Lane – Laurel, MD 20707

Note, This outline is also attached as a PDF file. A MUCH longer detailed outline is also available.

NOTE; Post your comments and discussion here for all to share but PLEASE e-mail your contributions directly to me so I will quickly see your comments, suggestions and your interest in working on and joining in this activity.

See you in the park.

Bob Culver