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Thread: .44 mag carry rounds

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    just got my new revolver and I've been up for an hour or so looking at carry rounds for it.
    It's a .44 magnum so I know I want a light load possibly even a frangible

    I've been considering these

    the main thing I want to avoid is over penetration.
    ive read on a few forums that your standard 240gr WWB soft point does not penetrate to much, what I have seen used as examples were going in a deer and making it to the other side without blowing through.
    But I have not seen proof nor have I been able to find much when it comes to self defense .44 Mag round( Ballsitic gel tests, Water jugs)

    I appreciate any input on the issue.


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    Do you plan on buying sunglasses and ear buds? Cause if you shot that thing, especially at night, you're gonna deaf and blind kidding

    You may want to look at .44 Special for self defense. In fact, the link you provided for the glassers, I thought were the .44 Special but I could be wrong.

    Those can be fired in a .44 magnum revolver, but like the .38 Special/.357 magnum relationship, you can't fire a .44 magnum from a .44 special revolver.

    I think you'll be fine with what you found.

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    MagSafe Personal Defense 44 mag Defender 117 gr has been hyped but at $18 for 6 rounds, a little pricey for me. I just use Winchesters 240 gr JSP $39 for 50 and try not to miss.

    Even better I like the 210 LFN 44 special ammo but I don't know where I got it or what I paid but it was just as expensive as the magnum, just more accurate and easier to shoot. Dang hard to find though.
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    I have a 4" S&W Model 29-2. I shoot almost nothing but .44 Specials in it. I like the Speer 200gr. Gold Dot Blazers. They're quite accurate and very pleasant to shoot in a gun that size.
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    There are no acceptable .44mag rounds for self defense. (Hollywood BS) Look at .44 Special for self defense.
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