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Thread: Can I have a gun in my office in MD?

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    I may be helping a friend of mine in MD build his company up. He is starting a large expansion and he needs qualified help to manage and train his people through it. I have more qualifications and training than anyone else available in our business (I own the same kind of company he does), so we are going through talks about how I can help.

    My question is, when I am down at his office as a manager, can I bring my weapon with me and load it when I get there for protection? His office is on a very busy street and the gang population/violence is escalating in what we all know to be an anti gun state.

    Any statements of law and links to those laws, or links to other threads where this has been discussed would be much appreciated.

    I feel the same way you do about MD. No flaming remarks needed. Just looking for facts. Thanks in advance!

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    Maybe better in the MD forum then?

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