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    I am wondering just how friendly is Kenosha County especially the cities of Kenosha and Pleasant Prarie to open carry? Also I'd like to know how many open carriers in Kenosha County as I live in Lake County (Vernon Hills) and would like to drive the 20 to 30 miles nth to come meet and hangout with other open carriers in Wisconsin this spring and summer and open carry myself!!!

    PLEASE respond make yourself known all open carriers of Kenosha County and share your open carry experiences within the county. I couldn't make it to the OC event in Beloit this last Sunday, that's my family and church day, Saturdays and weekdays are best.

    thanks, Dion Wood
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    I live in Kenosha but the weird thing is Pleasant Prairie has police jurisdiction where I live. I open carry here every single day while walking my dogs, shopping, restaurant, etc. I opened carried in the new Sam's Club here and got a few double takes but that was about it. Open carried in Gander Mountain, Starbucks, Best Buy, Target and in front of a Kenosha County deputy sheriff. The deputy asked me if I was law enforcement and that was all there was to that event. I know a few people associated with the Kenosha city police and from what my associates tell me there are a few officers that will harass and detain anyone they see open carrying even though they know it is legal. I cannot put any confidence in what I was told but I don't doubt it.

    Law enforcement knows it is legal and I suspect that if anyone gets detained, harassed, arrested, etc for legal open carry (assuming no other laws were broken) the officer(s), police department and city would end up in a civil rights law suit.

    All I can say is it is our right to open carry within the laws and we cannot worry about what may possibly happen with uneducated or rogue police.

    I would be willing to meet you and open carry with you as would anyone else living in this area I would think. What would be a good day, time and store where you would like to exercise your rights? Remember we have to stay out of places that sell AND consume alcohol on the premises so that knocks out a lot of restaurants.

    I also suggest you join Wisconsin Carry at The organization is the best in my opinion of fighting for our rights and is full of great people. We also have an upcoming event (hopefully) on the 3rd of April at Thunder Bay (IIRC) restaurant in Pewaukee...about an hour north of Kenosha. You should try to make it to this event if it happens.

    When are you moving to Provo, Utah?
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