As requested by Kevin here is the wording from the back of Attorney Ken Young's card:


My lawyer, Ken Young,has told me not to talk to anyone about my case, to not answer questions, and to not reply to accusations. Call him if you want to ask me any questions, to search me or my property, do any test,do any lineups, or any other I.D. procedures. I do not agree to any of these things without Mr. Young present and I do not want to waive any of my constitutional rights.

I am not a lawyer and do not offer legal advice but it seems to me that by presenting the printed card rather than the spoken word there is no later question about what your intentions were. Also remember that everything on 911 calls is recorded. Be the first to call and don't say anything you'll regret. Comments like " I was attacked and in fear for my life and I shot the attacker. Send an ambulance and police" are probably OK and establish you were in fear. Another thing I will do is remind the dispatcher there is an armed citizen (you!). Ask them to have the officer sound his siren just as he gets out of the car so you know he is there and can re-holster to lower his anxiety level. The officer will try to gather as much information as possible. Your job is to be pleasant and allow that you will cooperate once your lawyer is present but not before. Remember that any statements -such as round count- that are later found false will bring your credibility into question. Even veteran officers get that sort of thing wrong under stress of the moment.

Let's hope all the above remains academic and never needed. However, after what I saw Jason Dickey go through at trial it looms large in importance.

Anony Mouse

PS - For those of you not in the Sumter area Ken Young's contact information is: <deleted>

Kenneth R. Young Jr.
Young, Reiter, Keffer, & Donald P.A.
Sumter, SC 29150

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