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Thread: St Charles City is OC

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    I wrote to the Mayor of St Charles City....

    "In reference to Code 134.03 DANGEROUS AND CONCEALED WEAPONS, I do not see where there is an exemption for the Concealed Carry Permit.

    Could you clarify and tell me if the City of St Charles allows the "Open Carry" within the City limits.

    Thanks for your time"

    She forwarded it to the Chief of Police, Dennis Corley. Thiswas his response;

    "A valid Concealed Carry Permit will exempt the permit holder from provisions of the ordinance that may be applicable at the time of contact with a law enforcement official. The City of St. Charles does not have any ordinance that regulates as stated "Open Carry."

    Hope this helps....



    I have since sent an email to the Chief and asked to verify if there was any ordinance or law prohibiting the carry of fire arms openly..It just seemed vague to me so we shall see....I will keep you up to date.
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    Look forward to seeing the response. As someone who has to travel to St. Charles somewhat frequently for family I appreciate your time and efforts on getting an answer on this.
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    I openly carry there often. Plan on it today too. No problems with leo's

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