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Thread: Vehicle carry on school grounds

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    So CO law says we can have our firearms in our vehicles on school grounds but it must be in a compartment and the vehicle must be locked if we are not in the vehicle.

    The same CO laws classify a motorcycle as a vehicle.

    There will be a situation coming up in August where I may be on my motorcycle on the grounds of my old high school. This is far enough away that I can still decide whether to park off the grounds, or not carry or simply not go. I also have options to be able to temporarily disarm since my parents live in that area.

    My question is (and I know none of us are lawyers [or willing to admit to being one :P] and I should not take any replies as legal advice), would a lockable compartment, such as a saddlebag, satisfy the law?

    I think that technically it would not since the law says that the VEHICLE must be locked, though the compartment which the gun is in does not necessarily need to be.

    My thinking is that it could go either way if I were to be caught with my gun in a locked saddlebag (or similar arrangement)...a sympathetic LEO, or prosecutor or judge/jury might see that I would be trying to satisfy the law, or they could throw the book at me.

    Again, this potential situation isn't until August and I'll likely just meet up with my parents earlier to disarm so there will be no gray area.

    18-12-214. Authority granted by permit - carrying restrictions.

    (3) A permit issued pursuant to this part 2 does not authorize a person to carry a concealed handgun onto the real property, or into any improvements erected thereon, of a public elementary, middle, junior high, or high school; except that:

    (a) A permittee may have a handgun on the real property of the public school so long as the handgun remains in his or her vehicle and, if the permittee is not in the vehicle, the handgun is in a compartment within the vehicle and the vehicle is locked;
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    I can't really comment on the legality, but I'd have to question storing a handgun in saddlebags, locking or not.

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    Does your bike have a locking glovebox? I think most do, depending on what you have. You know, the little tool/map/glovebox thingie underneath the seat that locks? Mine's just big enough for a gun, and nobody would ever know it even opens.

    However, I would personally feel perfectly in the clear locking my gun in either the glovebox or the saddlebags (provided they are hard bags). Can't really comment on the legality.

    On the issue of the vehicle needing to be locked.... Your bike does have a fork lock, right? If anybody wanted to question it... Box is locked, bike is locked. End of story.

    I think it really just boils down to how far you want to push your luck. Me, if the law is vague on something, I err in my favor and figure if they want to make a fuss about it, then they'll have to prove whatever it was was illegal.

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    I agree;

    Most likely you have a separate lock-n-key probably under your seat towards the back or to the side. That factory tool kit is/was sitting in a little compartment under your seat; just behind your battery and fuel tank. I would have the pistol holstered; in the compartment; and maybe a bungie-cord or two across. Lock your seat back on; and then turn your forks to one direction; all the way- and lock your forks/handle bars with the ignition lock-n-key. All set. I don't have an opinion on saddle bags; but because most saddle bags are detachable and removable; there may be an issue- as opposed to your glove box in your bike which is- in- your bike.

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