I was sitting around here when a crazy thought entered my mind. It seems like we are always fighting to have the 2nd amendment recognized, and boy it is an uphill battle. I also notice a lot of people saying "those anti-gun rightswould never let anyone take away their 1st amendment rights"... and that got me thinking.
What if we tried to make a point by doing exactly that? By going after that first amendment? I'd be curious to see just how that goes, wouldn't you?

I know, totally nuts idea that honestly I'd hate to see it ever really happen, because chances are we'd actually win that one.... but it would be funny to see how the anti-gun extremists freak out. I mean they are already legislating away their ability to defend themselves... why not help them get rid of all their other rights too, so they can be good little subjects.
Hell, maybe that's what America needs, something to make it angry and frustrated enough to actually DO something. I think the movie Fight Club might have a point... "it's not until you've lost everything, that you are free to do anything".
Maybe more people just need to lose more before they are pushed to that tipping point where they actually do something.
It's like the "First they came..." poem. Why not give these folks a little perspective by "going for them" for once?

Also, while I'm on the subject of legal stuff... does anyone know if there has been any sort of case in Maryland that's tried to cite the "Equal Protection Clause" under the 14th Amendment as a means to counter Maryland's "tighter than a dolphins butt cheeks" CCW application process?
Or perhaps the fact MD was the 7th State to ratify the Constitution, and in doing so agreed to go by what it says?
Just curious.