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Thread: Unicorn Sighting and Interesting weekend

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    Well this weekend was quite interesting. While walking the dog around the apartment complex saw another man open carrying in the complex. Stopped to talk to him and turns out his name is the same as mine (real helpful since I can't remember names for crap). We were talking for quite a bit and I thought at first he might have been the guy with all the Sig stickers on his truck. Turns out he wasn't so might have another person in the complex as well.

    Well went to do some shopping and get something to eat. Stopped at Taco Bell. While waiting for our food another person came up to me and asked what I was carrying and said cool that he had the same and just wanted to make sure.

    Off the get a birthday gift for my wife's sister. We are at a toy store in Fairfax. As we are going around a little kid was running all around like they do and noticed. He went back to his parents and told them and I just heard the dad say that he is allowed to carry a gun. It's his right. Nice to to hear maybe he's a cop and such.

    Well Home Depot, Best Buy and Bj's no problems at all. Go to Landmark Sears and the lady that was helping us in the appliance dept squeaked when she first saw it and I explained how it was perfectly legal to carry. First she referred to it as packing heat which always seems to sound like education may be needed IMO. Would you say a duck hunter is packing heat?

    I think her thing may have been the area. For those that don't know Landmark Mall is in a pretty unique place. go a few blocks in any direction and the house prices either go way up or way down as well as the neighborhoods. Seems to be right on the border and can't seem to find who to cater to to keep the whole mall open. Just this weekend a few miles from the mall a couple of MS-13 members raped and robbed a 16 year old. This happened almost right across the street from where my wife and I used to live so she supports me carrying when we are out and about.

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    congrats on a good week!

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    WOW, two guys named Uber Olafsun! Who'da thought that were possible?

    And congrats also on your good experiences! :celebrate

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