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Thread: The Tribune-Democrat (PA) - Boro's gun ban shot down

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    March 28, 2010

    Boro’s gun ban shot down
    Susan Evans The Tribune-Democrat

    EBENSBURG — An Ebensburg man challenged the borough’s ban on carrying guns in town parks – and won.

    On the advice of the borough solicitor, who reviewed Timothy L. Havener’s complaint and agreed with it, Borough Council members on March 22 deleted the language prohibiting firearms in parks.

    That means gun-toters, if permitted for other locations, also will be allowed at locations such as Ebensburg’s tennis courts, swimming pool, Lake Rowena and the town’s small parks.

    “We didn’t know,” said borough Manager Dan Penatzer. “We thought the borough had the right to regulate firearms in a government building or facility, but it’s only in a building with some kind of court facility, like even a holding cell.

    “Apparently that means someone could show up at a council meeting carrying a gun, and there’s nothing we could do about it if it’s otherwise legal.”

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    Great article... until it got to the end where the reporter had to add in a completely out-of-context and unnecessary reference to the domestic violence murder of Meleanie Hain:
    Discussions of weapons at recreation sites often in Pennsylvania invoke reminders of the Lebanon soccer mom, Meleanie Hain, who made headlines in 2008 by bringing a loaded, holstered handgun to her daughter’s soccer game and was a year later found shot dead.
    Completely uncalled for.


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    Yeah, like the part about the Melanie Hain story they left out: That she was shot to death by her HUSBAND who was a POLICE OFFICER with a history of domestic abuse!!!

    Apparently, the writer of that news article thinks it's OK for a cop to murder a citizen because they have the audacity to exercise their 2A rights (she was asking for it?!?). Hain wasn't killed because she was an OCer. She was killed because her husband was a crazy, psychopathic nutjob. The fact is, she WASN'T even OCing when she was shot in her own home--her gun was in a backpack hanging in another room of her house.

    The media populated by evil, sociopatic criminals (just like politics), I'm sure of it. Their blatant bias cannot be explained by mere stupidity or lack of information...

    Perhaps we should contact the Editor of this newspaper and let them know that their reporters are either lazy idiots who don't do their research, or that they are egregiously biased and using the paper as a platform for an anti-gun agenda:

    The Tribune Democrat
    425 Locust St., PO Box 340
    Johnstown, PA. 15907

    Publisher, Robin Quillon, 814-532-5000
    Editor, Chip Minemyer, 814-532-5091
    City Editor, Arlene Johns, 814-532-5065

    Funny thing is, the writer (Susan Evans) isn't even listed as being a staff writer on their webpage:
    A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
    Mark Twain

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    the man who got the ball rolling, Mr. Havener, is an active member of, and wasn't expecting things to turn out to be such a big deal, as they did. kudos to him, and a big "suck this" to the newspaper, for injecting their opinions in an otherwise positive story.
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