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Thread: Open Carry Clarification

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    So I have been researching gun laws in Maine and wanted to make sure what I found out is accurate. While my permit is on its way…the following is true.

    1) Open carry is legal w/ a loaded firearm on foot with no permit

    2) Open carry is legal w/ a un-loaded firearm in a vehicle

    3) Portland seems to be unfriendly towards OC. I don’t mind unfriendly talks with a leo, I just don’t feel like getting arrested every time I go out. Although that might lead to a new toy fund if I was arrested without breaking the law.

    My question comes with statement 2, if I remove the chambered round/mag from my gun but leave it in my holster is that consider concealed? The console / armrest might hide it?

    What do you do? Should it be placed in the back seat in clear view?

    I plan to CC when I get my permit, but in the ~60 day time period I cannot I plan to OC.

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    the key is it has to be in plain view. i used to just leave it on the seat next to me with the mag out and next to it.

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    Short course with links:

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