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Thread: Military Brass being scrapped AGAIN

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    Post imported post had an article on their page reporting this. I am at work and haven't had time to check into this from other sources. Anybody have any more info on this or has anyone heard about this newscrap the brass plan??

    I hope this link works. Looks sorta long to me but here goes.

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    Post imported post

    For those who won't chase the link, apparently an old memo was recently stirred
    up and taken as new. Nothing new to report.

    If nothing else, this should serve as a friendly reminder to anyone who may be
    interested that the ever-vigilant pro-2A crowd is still just that.

    You're not going to slip anything by unnoticed.

    It's always good to remind folks of this once in a while...


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    Post imported post

    We open carry our rights, eh, Tfred?
    Remember Peter Nap and Skidmark. Do them proud. Be active. Be well informed. ALL rights matter.

    "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when you may have to back up your acts with your life."

    --Robert A. Heinlein

    Hey NSA! *&$# you. Record this--- MOLON LABE!

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