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Thread: CA Self defense laws

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    This was an interesting read came by while floating around the web, its about the self defense laws in California and it was written by defense attorneys. Just some good information to keep in mind.
    "Sooner or later we all must die. Warriors choose to do so on their feet, standing between their enemies and those they hold dear. With a weapon in their hands. Cowards choose to do so on their bellies. Unarmed."
    - Dave Gell (inspired by author David Weber)

    "The tragic history of civilian disarmament cries a warning against any systematic attempts to render innocent citizens ill-equipped to defend themselves from tyrant terrorists, despots or oppressive majorities,"
    - Daniel Schmutter

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    Thanks for the post. I thought the URL you provided was very good. I am going to save it to my favorites.

    On another thread, the topic was about providing defense for other people. According to the laws, a person could get themselves in lots of trouble if they aren't protecting themselves and their ownproperty (mainly a residence) from an imminent mortal threat.The window for defensive action is very small.

    Gundude has it about right: "I'll protect me and mine, you protect you and yours. BUY A GUN!"


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