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    I don't think I've ever read an article regarding an OC event that did not contain the phrase

    "strapped to their/his/her waist/hip(s)."

    I'm not complaining about the publicity, I just get annoyed by the journalistic groupthink. You?

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    When you think about it, most sidearms are "strapped" to the waist in some form. What annoys me is when the marxistmedia describes carriers as "brandishing" their firearms.
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    I use straps to keep my gun and my pants up off the floor only I call them suspenders. They make enough mistakes reporting on a subject they know little or nothing about that this phrase isn't even worth a look.

    Now when they show a single shot 22 rifle with a thumb hole stock on a table full of revolvers and shotguns like they did in Chicago when I lived down there and referred to it as a machine gun confiscated from a drug lord then they get my attention.

    When every gun collection consisting of 10 or 12 firearms of various sorts and 6 or 700 rounds of ammunition as an arsenal and one of them was an assault rifle, a grenade launcher and two of them were automatic pistols then they get my attention.

    I know if I wait for a week and go back and check on the story the automatic pistols were a colt woodsman 22 inherited from a grandfather and a 380 pistol a gift from an old girl friend. The explosives were road flares the grenades were 4th of July type smoke grenades or flares and the grenade launcher was a flare gun it gets clear but somehow you have to dig for that info. It isn't on the first page anymore. Not dramatic hence not newsworthy.
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