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Thread: Open Carried in Janesville today

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    I took my family out for lunch at Old Country Buffet. After lunch we walked down to the shoe store and looked around for a bit, then went in to Gander Mountain and picked up some things. We then walked back to the other end and left because the rain was coming in. We didn't have any problems what so ever. Had a passerby stare pretty hard but the day went pretty well.

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    Good to read.

    Use to run the circuit there in Janesville as a teen.

    Yes, at times I was drunk. Yes, at times I got into fights, drag racing, girls etc.

    Oh the memories of the boyhood days.

    Still plan on getting up there in June and doing some OC.

    Don't confuse me with the facts, I have my emotions!

    I guess that's the difference between no crime and "stopping" a crime in progress. I prefer no crime.

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