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Thread: False sense of security

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    Speaking to a friend at work he asked why I carry. I told him that there are three reasons #1 personal defense, #2 deterrent, #3 by not exercising my rights I would effectively forfeit them.

    He said "I live in a good neighborhood with a security guard and a gate, I feel pretty safe." To this I replied, "If you where a criminal looking for a person to rob, Wouldn't you head for the neighborhoods where people are driving BMW's Mercedes-Benz Benz, and Hummer H1's? wouldn't you target people living in a gated community with a false sense of security? do you honestly thing you can never be assaulted anywhere but your home? To this he replied "good point, how do I get a permit to carry a gun?" I said, "buy a gun, put it in a holster and don't conceal it. The permit is in the second amendment.
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    Cool, it sounds like he was convinced.

    If it were me I'd also tell him how to get a permit to conceal after I told him that he could carry openly without a permit. A lot of people are not willing to draw attention to themselves.

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