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Thread: Brake Masters on Nellis/Washington

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    I had to follow my girlfriends father there so he could get his brakes done.

    I was OCing my Glock 17 and CCing my Glock 26.

    The manager who was behind the counter started talking to my girlfriends dad about the car, and I was standing behind him and to the right a little.

    There was a guy behind me, and after a few minutes minutes I hear "Which Glock is that?". So I told him, and the manager asked, "Sir, are you a police officer?".

    I though to myself "Great, I'm gonna get kicked out of ANOTHER place". B

    I told the manager I wasn't.

    Then he asked if it was legal to carry in the open like I was.

    I told him yes, and so did the guy who asked about my Glock.

    He couldn't believe it, and he said that he just moved to NV and was really stoked about it.

    Then he put out his fist to give me the "fist pound".

    After that the guy behind me and I had a long conversation about different guns, gun stores in the valley, and how crazy people are becoming.

    I left to go run some errands, and when I came back the manager caught me of gaurd. We paid for the brakes, and he thanked my girlfriends dad for his business, and looked at me, pointed at my hip, and thanked me for carrying.

    I've never been thanked for carrying a gun....ever...only kicked out of places.

    I wanted to share that with you guys. Hopefully some of you will go there now.

    I know I will.

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    Awesome. I'm glad to hear about experiences like this. While I haven't had a business owner or manager thank me for carrying, I did have a friend of my friend's parents tell me that he was glad that good people were carrying and was also glad to hear that Nevada citizens have the right to OC.

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