Got stopped for speeding today on I40E in Durham. Office BE Chambers apparently heeded my bumper stickers (Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, Virginia Citizens Defense League and Guns Save Lives), because he walked to my Jeep Liberty very very very close to the vehicle, and stopped behind the drivers window, so close I couldn't even see his nametag, putting only his head forward.

In keeping with NC law, I informed him I was a permit holder and had a loaded firearm on my right hip ... he could NOT see it from where he was. He asked me to repeat where it was, and then said "OK".

Took my license and registration back to his car and wrote the ticket (I was doing 76 in a 60 zone) as an infraction (75) vice a misdemeanor (16+ over). When he re-approached the car, he used the same very-close-to-the-vehicle approach technique, but he was pleasant and professional. Doing his job, and not letting my armed status interfere.

Yes, I had my voice recorder going, but I erased the file; no need for it.

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