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Thread: The New American - Starbucks Sticks With Second Amendment

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    Starbucks Sticks With Second Amendment

    Written by James Heiser

    Tuesday, 06 April 2010 09:22

    As reported previously, Starbucks has found itself enmeshed in the struggle between activists who are attempting to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment liberties, and those who are trying to uphold those constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    The controversy erupted when “open carry”advocates began using Starbucks franchises as the location for meetings. As the Wall Street Journal reported over a month ago,

    The "open carry" movement, in which gun owners carry unconcealed handguns as they go about their everyday business, is loosely organized around the country but has been gaining traction in recent months. Gun-control advocates have been pushing to quash the movement, including by petitioning the Starbucks coffee chain to ban guns on its premises.
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    Kudos to Starbucks I'm glad that they are doing that Maby this Starbucks will not have a incident like in Lakewood Wash.

    If someone had a gun in that coffee shop maby a few of these Officers would still be alive today

    I am glad see that they are exercising there 2nd Amendment right to carry openly people In Oregon needs to step up and start exercising there right to carry

    Agun friendlyStarbucks is a happy Starbucks:celebrateI am all for open carry IF you know how and when to pull it.

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