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Thread: Anyone know the credentials of the vpc?

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    I was reading a forum earlier today that quoted the vpc as their "evidence" that they were right. The other poster acted like that was an insult to all facts ever quoted (which I tend to believe given the quotes that were made).

    My question is this... Where do these people claim to get their facts? And second... What can I use to discredit their statements?

    I didn't see any links or references for the "facts" on their website - (although I admit I didn't look long because of time restraints). Anybody have better info?

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    Ah, Josh Sugarman and his band of merry men. Why research numbers when you can pull them out of your ass?

    Here's a great site for countering many of their "arguments".

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    I doubt that VPC will cite the sources of their statisticial research. That would make it too easy for someone to "fact check' them and find that they cooked the numbers.

    They pull the same crap as the AGW scientists. They'll claim they have research studies that prove their theories, but don't want you to be able to review their data, which doesn't support their theories.

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