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Thread: City-County Building - PFZ?

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    So I was at the City-County Building in downtown Detroit (aka coleman a young municipal center) to file as a Precinct Delegate and I was checking out the set up. The building is split into 2 wings. The west wing has the Courts so I know no firearms there but the east wing is where the city and county offices are. You enter the building in the middle and each wing is secluded from each other with its own security check points.

    I am thinking the city/county side is taking advantage of the Court's PZE designation since they are technically in the same building. Any one know if this a legit reason for them to banned firearms on the city/county side?

    I didn't ask security if firearms were banned but since they have metal detectors I assume that is what they are looking for.

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    Yep they are taking advantage...
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    Here's something interesting. The Administrative Order from the Michigan Supreme Court states:
    Supreme Court Administrative Order 2001-1 states that weapons are not permitted in any courtroom, office, or other space used for official court business or by judicial employees unless the chief judge or other person designated by the chief judge has given prior approval consistent with the court's written policy. Each court is required to submit a written policy conforming with this order to the State Court Administrator for approval. Courts are encouraged to collaborate with other entities in shared facilities and, where appropriate, to work with local funding units in developing the policy, which may be a separate plan or part of a general security program.
    But if you go to the above link the state has provided links to model administrative orders for local courts to use and in those models they have added "courthouse" to the list.

    This administrative order is issued in accordance with Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 2001-1. ]The purpose of this order is to address the presence of weapons in court facilities.

    1. No weapons are allowed in the (courthouse, courtroom, office, or space used for official court business or by judicial employees). This prohibition does not apply to court security personnel or to uniformed or otherwise properly identified law enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties. The chief judge may authorize additional exceptions in extraordinary circumstances.
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