Madison TV station WKOW Channel 27 had a followup story on last month's stroll around downtown Madison:

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Police stand down to gun-toters on Madison's State Street

Apr 08, 2010 7:43 PM EDT [/i]


John Pierce of the Virginia-based, gun rights advocacy group said the people who openly carried firearms Mar. 28 are affiliated with his group and are board members of Wisconsin Carry Inc.

Pierce said group members were holding a meeting in Madison that day.

Last summer, police officers ticketed UW-Madison student Travis Yates for disorderly conduct after Yates was spotted openly carrying a gun on and around State Street. In an interview with 27 News, Yates protested the citation.

Pierce said the group with guns openly displayed wanted to acknowledge Yates' predicament.

"It was symbolic for them to finish his walk on State Street."

A city official said Yates' case was dismissed Feb. 17 at the request of Madison's city attorney.

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