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Thread: No OC In Fuddruckers

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    copied from another site I visit..... This is FR reply to his inquiry to OC in their locations.


    Dear XXXXXX,

    Thank you very much for your feedback and we are glad to know that you
    enjoyed Fuddruckers!

    Regarding the open carry laws, Fuddruckers decision not to allow guns in
    the restaurants is not a statement about gun rights or laws. It is
    however, a statement about the primary importance of creating and
    maintaining a comfortable environment for all of Fuddruckers guests.

    Open carry laws are changing in various states. Therefore, restaurants
    are more clearly communicating their policies to guests. Fuddruckers
    has had a no weapons policy for several years but it wasn't being
    enforced in all locations. By enforcing its no-weapons policy,
    Fuddruckers is enforcing its rights as a private business to create the
    sort of dining environment we believe best suits and appeals to all or
    the majority of our guests.

    On behalf of Fuddruckers, Inc., we sincerely appreciate your time and
    patronage and we are sorry to hear that you will no longer be visiting

    Adriana Thompson
    Guest Services Specialist

    Fuddruckers-The World's Greatest Hamburger
    Koo Koo Roo Chicken Bistro-Live. Laugh. Cluck!
    5700 Mopac Expy South; Ste C300
    Austin, TX 78749

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    Carry On.


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    had this problem in Boise, Id too.

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    Well, I guess that's one more business that I won't eat at. I very rarely take my pistol off my belt so if it's a business that isn't carry-friendly, I won't go there!!
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