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Thread: IMPORTANT!!!: Concerning ALL Orange County residents

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    To All Orange County Residents:

    I would like to bring to the attention of everyone who lives in the OC Bill Hunt. He is currently running for OC Sheriff and this is EXACTLY the guy we need in office. I've done some research on this guy and he is a VERY strong constitutionalist and is on the right side of every issue concerning the office of County Sheriff.

    On his website (which i'll provide at the end of this post), he flat out says that he will approve any CCW application to ANY individual who meets state mandated requirements; and I quote "to me, 'personal protection' is sufficient justification for the state requirement of 'good cause'".

    I have heard that there is another candidate running for sheriff who has a similar plank in his platform but I have not got around to researching him yet, but Bill Hunt for sure looks like our guy.

    The election for sheriff is coming up in June, so PLEASE, everybody in Orange County get to the polls and vote for Bill Hunt. I know in light of national media and politics that county elections seem arbitrary, but this is NOT something OC residents can afford to sit out on. For the love of God, we have GOT to get Sandra Hutchens out of office.

    CCWs for the common man is within reach, fellow OC'ers, we can't let this one slip!! Mark your calendars: May 24 is the last day to register to vote and June 8 is election day. Let's get this done and bring some sanity back to Orange County!!

    -Wild Horse

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    Already planning to vote for him. :celebrate
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