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    anyone open carry there? gonna be moving there for the summer in 3 weeks.

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    hammer6 wrote:
    anyone open carry there? gonna be moving there for the summer in 3 weeks.

    Washington near Pittsburgh? I have OC'd in Beaver and Butler Counties (both north of Pittsburgh) a couple times, that's as close as I've come.

    Perhaps someone else will chime in soon, so here's a little bump for your question.

    The Pennsylvania section of this site might not get quite as much traffic due to "competition" with

    I'll invite you to also ask your question there. I would bet you'll get many more responses in a short period of time.

    Welcome to PA for the summer! A great many people open carry throughout PA without negative incident. I myself have had countless 'positive' encounters with folks who say they support the practice.
    While many claim to support the right to keep and bear arms, precious few support the practice.

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    I have OCed in the WalMart, Lowes the Michael's at the big plaza in Washington, that is right off I-70. That was last summer. I've also OC'd in Butler and Beaver Counties, and all the way across the PA turnpike, with not a single incident.

    I have family in Wheeling WV, so I travel through PA a few times a year, and I always OC when traveling unless it's really cold or rainy, then I wear a coat, and technically, I'm CC'ing. But I have a NC CHP and a PA non-resident LTCF, so I'm covered whatever my mode of carry...
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    Ive also OC'ed at the Washington Wal Mart, Panera Bread and I think the Barnes & Nobel book store there.

    Got some looks, but other than they no problems.
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