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Thread: OC tonight & Sheriffs Dept.

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    So, I stop at the Kwik trip locally and as I pull in, I see a Sheriff's deputy gassing up. By the time I pull in and holster up, He is out and in his car leaving. As I walk towards his car and the front door of Kwik Trip, He does a double take, Looks up at me as I walk by, smiles, waves and is on his way.


    Just thought I would relay my experience.
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    That's a nice experience to hear about
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    You know, there are some police who seem to recognize that they walk among us to help us, and that they are one us. They recognize they walk the same streets as the rest of us.

    And, then there are the cops who think everybody is a potential criminal, or that they are some special elite.

    Glad to hear this one was the former.
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    Thank you for sharing, Hardballer.

    Ihave exchangedcasual greeting with 2 LEO's thus far.

    You and I live in neighboring counties.

    Carry On & Carry Always!

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    Good to hear you had a good experience.
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    You gotta love exchanges with LE that go that way!

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